Nothing rots in Mangia, an everlasting island where every food, from tacos to meatloaves, lives with no fear of expiration or hungry mouths. But when Taco Steve notices the black decay devouring his Ranch Dressing ranch, it’s up to him and his friends to save their homes and themselves from the unstoppable mold of Taco Stephanos, Lord of Rot.

Steve and his loyal jalapeno, Peno, must go on a quest to the Peaks of DeGallo, where legend tells of an ancient, marvelously fresh protector, The Elder Taco, who might be Mangia’s only hope. Will they find the Elder Taco before it’s too late, and Mangia and all its foodsfolk are rotted forever?

This fully illustrated novel is the first in a series, The Adventures in Mangia, which introduces readers to the epic battle of fresh versus foul that is baked into the fate of the entire island of Mangia. Ancient powers will collide as the Elder Foods aid their beloved citizens in a quest to defeat the foul Cuisines of Corruption, who won’t stop until they’ve rotted everything and everyone in their path.

Adventures in Mangia: The Quest for the Elder Taco is available now on Amazon in digital and paperback!