Happy Halloween, everybody! I hope it’s a wonderful day, full candy, monsters, and at least one scary encounter. Bravery is like anything else you want to get good at; it’s best to practice whenever you can.

I wanted to say to all of you who have bought, downloaded, and read The Quest for the Elder Taco that I hope you’ve had as great a time adventuring with Taco Steve and Peño as I have. It takes time for me to write the story, but it takes hours of encouragement, support, and reading from you all to bring life to the delicious island of Mangia.

My sincerest thanks from the absolute bottom of all my heart (and Steve’s, and Peño’s, and Steph’s, and Bren’s!),






K.N. Steuber


p.s. QET is available for free ’til this Friday, 11/3. Tell your friends!